๐Ÿ“– Organisation (Contact page)

The contact page is where users can view the contact information for your organisation. This article will explain where to find the settings for the contact page and the edits that can be made.

Finding the home page

To find the contact page settings within the admin panel, hover over the settings tab and select 'Organisation'.

The settings

Find the settings you can amend for your organisations contact page below. When making any amendments, remember to click on 'Save changes' at the bottom of the screen.

Organisation info
Contact info
App store settings
Organisation info
  • Name of the event organiser - The name displayed to users (Usually your companies name).

  • Organisation logo - Upload an image of your logo.

Contact info
  • Contact page header - The image displayed at the top of your contact page.

  • Main text for the contact page - Usually a short description of your company, displayed under the contact information.

  • Footer text for the contact page - Subtext displayed underneath the main text.

  • Contact e-mail address - The e-mail address users can reach you on.

Tip: Users can tap on the e-mail address to be taken to their e-mails on their phone and immediately begin composing one.

  • Location name (If applicable) - The name for your companies location (For example, the name of the building your located in).

  • Street - The street name for your companies address.

  • House number - The house number for your companies address.

  • Postcode - The postcode for your companies address.

  • Town/City - The town/city for your companies address.

Tip: Once the address is saved and live in the app, users can tap on the location and be taken to Google Maps (Android) or Maps (Iphone) to find your company on a map.

  • Phone number - A contact number users can reach you on.

Tip: Users can tap on the contact number in-app to be taken straight to their phone dialler.

  • Website - Link an external URL for your users to visit.

App store settings

Name of the app in our e-mails - This is the name applied in any e-mail sent from and that references your app.

The end result