๐Ÿ“Ÿ Let's Get Digital

Your virtual event shall be personalized and here you can find what you need to do. This article will explain all of the settings for your virtual event.

We've created a Let's Get Digital knowledge base for you! Take a look here for the most frequently asked questions about Let's Get Digital.

Set up your Let's Get Digital event

In the admin panel click on 'Settings' and select 'App settings'.

Click on 'Virtual event' at the bottom of the page. The following settings will be shown:





Enable virtual event module

Select 'Yes' to enable the virtual event module.


Enable virtual event browser only version

When you activate this setting all scannable QR-codes displayed on the virtual platform will be removed.


Can users change to their own timezone instead of the event's default?

The current timezone will be visible in the bottom right of the virtual event. You can choice whether users can change to their own timezone instead of the event's default.


Use the timetable program

Pick whether you want the program to show as a timetable. This is still a beta version.


โ€‹Jet-Stream URLโ€‹

This is a live stream that can be played in the virtual event lobby. Fill in the Source URL of the stream.


โ€‹YouTube lobby stream IDโ€‹

This is a live stream that can be played in the virtual event lobby.

Here you fill in the last part of a link from YouTube (example):


You only use the part after the = sign.


YouTube Lobby Volume

Adjust the volume of the YouTube video or stream.


Leading virtual event images

Insert the logo of the event here.


Background image

Insert a background picture for the virtual event.


About us

Write a short text about the event/company. This will be displayed on the check-in screen.


Open company website in same tab instead of new tab

When the link on a company page is clicked the website will open in the same tab when this setting is enabled.


Enable network carrousel with the same company

When the network carrousel takes place you can use this

setting to indicate whether or not people from the same company can be introduced to each other.


Show personal program in menu

Select whether the personal program will be shown in the menu.


Only allow people to enter program items of their personal programme

Select whether people can only enter program items they have signed up for. This way they will not be able to see the program items they have not signed up for.


Carousel length

Select the length in seconds (between 25 and 1800 seconds) of the network carrousel.


Start check-in from

Set the date and time when people are allowed to check in for the event. It is recommended to do so 5 minutes before.


โ€‹FAQ pageโ€‹

Connect a page with frequently asked questions.

Create a FAQs page

  1. Find here how you can design a page.

  2. Create the page and save it.

  3. Now connect the FAQ page you just created to the virtual event (see above).

How to access the virtual event

๐Ÿ“ฒ Access the virtual event via phone

  1. Download the branded event app on your phone (or the EventInsight app).

  2. Log in the app with your account details.

  3. Shake your phone to open the QR code scanner, or click on the QR code sign.

  4. Now open the link for the virtual event on your computer (which will be provided by your Event Consultant).

  5. Click on 'Let's check-in' on your computer.

  6. Scan the QR code on your computer screen with your phone.

  7. Receive your virtual badge and enter the lobby.

๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ Access the virtual event via desktop

Open the link for the virtual event on your computer through the admin panel.

Click on 'Let's check-in!' on your computer.

Log-in using the details provided in the email send by your Event Consultant.

Click on 'Submit'.

Welcome to the virtual environment. Click on 'To the lobby' to go to the lobby.